New Project



Over the last few days, I’ve been working on a sample for a project I was asked about doing last weekend. The project will be 12 shawls for a wedding in a couple of months. It sounds daunting in a way to me since I’ve never had to create such quantity, but it also is exciting. I’ve been working toward the goal of selling something and to finally see that come into fruition is incredible.


I’m currently working a full time, 60 hour a week, job. This make me incredibly excited for any bits of crochet time I can get. Today, I went into the conference room at work to steal a few minutes and work on this project. I got about 4 rows done, which I have to admit made me feel highly productive considering there wasn’t as much for me to do in relation to my actual job today. I’m currently employee of the month though so I don’t want to give up my fancy parking space to stay home for a day. I’m riding that high. The employee of the month status came with a few more perks that I cannot complain about as well. All in all my day job is pretty great, but I know that it leaves me little time to get down to business on the craft sense except for evenings and weekends. It was nice though to come home from work tonight and pick up my hook again with a purpose. I always do my best under pressure.


I should be able to finish this sample tomorrow evening and send it to her via email tomorrow night or Friday. I’m hoping that she likes it as much when she can see how the pattern actually looks once I’ve created it. I know that there will be variations in each one, because I am not going to get it perfect. I’ve already noticed a slight miscount in a row here and there, but I think it still looks great. You can judge for yourself.


The color here is eggshell. The actual color of the final project shall be ivory.






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